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Time to start the descent but before a little bit more exploration of the summit.
Jacuzzi between pre historic rock formations
Jacuzzi between pre historic rock formations

Day 5

We have a long journey ahead of us, shorter than the day before; however, harder because it is a descent, besides being the same trail we took two days to climb, about 15 km. The goal is to reach Tek camp, 1600 m down.
Um dos lugares mais bonitos do topo - Jacuzzis
One of the most beautiful places in the summit – Jacuzzis
First stop: the Jacuzzis. Rock formations created small pools with clear waters and white quartz crystals. It is where the bravest ones take a bath and the scenery is amazing for pictures, I could stay here for hours if we had more time.
Imagem do grupo reflete na água
Our group at Jacuzzis
Near the descent we noticed the neighbour tepui was visible, we stopped at Janela to Kukenán and said goodbye to the summit. We had been here under rain and fog, now everything was more beautiful with the colourful flowers and the sun shining.
Kukenán à vista
View to Kukenán
Makunaima entre as nuvens
Makunaima between clouds
Before getting into the clouds around the tepui, a little down the summit, we passed by the guardians and thanked Makunaima for the excellent journey.
E começa a descida
And the descent starts
I sighted Passo das Lágrimas with great relief; the wind was blowing softly, there had not been raining, there was only some weak drops – even so, I stuck to the guide and watched out. It was fast and without setbacks. The ones with a backpack found this stretch the hardest; me too, but on the ascent with rain. The feeling of difficulty changes from one person to another; however, everyone thought Passo das Lágrimas was the more nerve-racking.
A mata fechada por onde passamos vista de longe
The only way to the top is a closed forest
We entered the closed forest and I relaxed with that good energy – the same I had felt in the beginning, now with the taste of accomplishment. I took the small camera and shot the most beautiful flowers I found on the way. The stretches that demanded strength to climb, now let me slide and get dirty.
Área atingida por uma tempestade meses antes
Damage caused on the last storm
Dando passagem para quem subia
Giving way for those coming
Plantes lembram algas marinhas
Some plants remember seaweeds
Pause for lunch at base camp and power up your legs! From this moment on the scenery changes and slipping is a matter of time. Being tired, the gravel was the biggest challenge in the savannah. I fell a few times, laughed, got up and moved on. Slowly I passed by some people with their foot hurt or a twisted knee, but happy for being affected by the mountain. In the evening we crossed the rivers and in the last one I removed the dust with a renewing bath. It was the third day with only towelettes and I did not even bother the cold water. It was New Year’s Eve and we toasted our accomplishment with juice powder, light beer and guava candy. At midnight I was sleeping, before 9 o’clock I was already looking at the tent falling asleep. Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3 – Day 4 – Day 5 – Day 6 See more pictures from the fourth day:

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