the lost world


Mount Roraima is one of the hardest trails I have ever done. Even wearing suitable clothing and equipment and being an expert at this kind of trekking, it is vital to have specific physical preparation. I confess I failed; I did not work out for months like I did before. It just happens that the trip was an opportunity, I decided to accept the challenge three days before leaving and, even with the difficulties, I am sure it was worthwhile.

On top of the lost world I found the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen in my life. Buques, mandalas, weather-beaten trees, the noise of running water, crystals sprouting, flowers blooming in the rocks, sandy and muddy winding paths, puddles and rocks full of meaning.

I guess I was in withdrawal symptoms when I took this picture. It was my fourth day free from internet when I remembered Twitter looking at this rock’s bird format. At that time I really wanted to tweet and then I forgot. Probably it was the positive effect of 7 days offline. Anyway it is certain that rock’s formats from Roraima Mount incite our imagination since the first explorers.

The summit of Mount Roraima hides fascinating rock formations that look like someone spying on us all the time. They awake our imagination in the attempt to identify something familiar like people’s faces, objects and animals – like the game of seeing pictures in the clouds.

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