Not a beach nor big, but it is a must-do to explore the real canyons. We left to enter the huge clefts on the most exuberant walls in Brazil, at Serra Geral and Aparados da Serra Parks.

Now comes the most awaited moment in Adventure Bloggers – the trail inside the canyon of Itaimbezinho, in Aparados da Serra National Park. The adventure had been on my wishing list for ages, and in December I finally entered the huge crack and saw the slopes upwards.

A beautiful hot sunny day in Camboriú, Santa Catarina. Tourists from all over the world enjoying the beach when all of a sudden the peace was broken by this friendly crab. A little lost and scared, it ran on the sand while I prepared the camera. After some attempts it finally stood still, as if it knew I wanted to take a picture. And it ran away, till it found shelter in the backpack of an Argentinian family, who took care of it for the rest of the day.

In the 90’s I discovered Pinheira and I became a fan. It’s a place for meet friends and enjoy hours resting on the sand. Among mountains and green sea, who sits on the beach has the view of Florianópolis island, besides de warm water, tranquility and nature. There are two beaches: Baixo and Cima. The photo shows Baixo beach in the early morning hours when fishermen come back from work bringing thousand of gulls in search of food. At the end of the Cima beach is the beginning of a beautiful 2 hours trail to Guarda do Embaú beach.

Urubici is the highest point in Santa Catarina and It already registered the lowest degree in the country, -17,8ºC in 1996. It was in the morning, before leaving for a trail at 7:40 PM, that I had the pleasure of taking this photo when the city was hidden by a fog typical from the region. It seemed like I was on clouds.

About 25 km, 5 different trails in 3 days in Urubici. If we had more time we would have done more, the city has 82 waterfalls and is investing on tourism. Lots of water, fresh air, plantations, hills, rocks, ups and downs. The group was great, fun people of different ages and professions sharing the passion for nature and hiking.

Farol de Santa Marta is a small piece of land that joins the sea. It is difficult to get there, but it’s worthwhile. It may be a nostalgic place for some Brazilians.

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