Mount Roraima expedition


Kukenán means Valley of the Dead and, for the local people, the neighbour tepui of Mount Roraima is called Matawi (the killer). That is where sacrifices took place; the Indians offered themselves when something was not well and jumped off the highest point to calm Makunaima (their God) down or keep a promise. Halfway across the sacrifice spot in Kukenán, there was a skull made of rocks with a carved face and leaves indicating hanging. I noticed that it surprised the Indians behind me; they laughed, but when I got closer and asked, they frowned and just said it was something new, made by some carrier. I had never know the meaning, but it was curious to see before starting to climb. Someone have seen it or know the explanation?

Only few species were able to adapt in such inhospitable place as Monte Roraima, one of the oldest places in the world. The little endemic frog Oreophrynella Quelchii got it. It’s black with yellow belly and the size of a fingernail. It doesn’t jump; it shrinks and rolls over stones to escape from its predators.

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