The largest and greenest state in Brazil has always been a dream and finally an opportunity came up in June. Amazonastur took advantage of Parintins Folklore Festival to organize a press trip with bloggers, and Territórios was on the guest list.

As said in amazon legend Naiá fall in love with Jaci (the moon) and get out it every night with hope of being transformed into a star and live forever by its side. She rejected the affection from bravest warriors and continued every day running for Jaci in the jungle. Being always ignored she got sick but one day she got so happy noticing the moon reflection in water that threw herself and drowned.

According to Boi Bumbá legend, Catirina (farm’s servant) was pregnant and had the desire of eat the tongue of the bull, but not any ox, had to be the most beautiful in the farm. However it was the farmer’s favorite ox. Her husband Francisco killed the bull to realize his wife’s desire and they got away from the farm… That’s how the story began and this is the Catirina’s image I registered on Parintins Folklore Festival this year.

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