I got a long holiday to know the historical cities of Minas Gerais. I spent only an afternoon and two nights in Belo Horizonte, but that was enough to get the idea and make me want to go back for more. Like any other, the third largest capital in the country has a lot to offer.

A university and historical city, declared World Cultural Heritage by Unesco. Surrounded by mountains, it keeps the young and cheerful vibe of the students who live in the several frat houses in old Vila Rica, as it was called before becoming Ouro Preto.

Mariana was the most important city in the Gold Cycle – founded in 1696, is full of slopes and houses from the Colonial Period. It is part of the sightseeing tour like Circuito do Ouro, Circuito da Estrada Real and Trilha dos Inconfidentes. You can see it all in half a day.

Imagine a huge garden designed by a landscaper, around lakes and groves. Add work of art from renowned artists interacting with this view and in harmony with the environment. Now insert constructions, completely integrated with nature, with art galleries, pubs and restaurants full of art from contemporary artists. And last but not least, imagine land or rock trails in the middle of the groves and gardens, connecting the spaces. This is INHOTIM, the coolest museum I have ever been to in Brazil and perhaps the most pleasant in the world.

Inhotim is where art and nature are in unique relation. An outdoor museum with more than 500 works of art and a botanic garden sharing the same space. It is a great place to spend the day, relax and admire works of art and observe nature. This Picture was taken while I was resting in a lake.

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