Authorial and illustrated travel guides to be read wherever you want. Work on tablets, cel phones and computers. Be inspired, get tips and itineraries to travel around Brazil and its borders. Download those Brazilian travel guides on your tablets, cell phones and computers.   Brazilian Eco Tourism Travel Guide  


PDF R$29,90 [button link=”https://www.hotmart.net.br/checkout.html?order=R3006939R” size=”small” style=”download” color=”red” window=”yes”]BUY AT HOTMART [/button] Ecotourism experiences in 13 different places in Brazil. All visited by real travelers and authors from Territórios. It’s about 47 pages full of histories, tips and photos to inpire your trip around my country.

        Monte Roraima Travel Guide


PDF R$5,00 [button link=”https://www.hotmart.net.br/checkout.html?order=R2873498R” size=”small” style=”download” color=”red” window=”yes”]BUY AT HOTMART [/button] 51 pages travel guide about an adventurous destination on border of Venezuela, Guiana and Brasil. The 6 days trekking became real in two trips made in the same period, but in different years and opposite climates. The mountain puts you to the test – the rules and difficulties are set at the time and are unique for each one. So, open up, put your mind to it and forget about the comfort. Get ready to hike for ninety kilometers in six days, almost two thousand meters up and down.

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