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Welcome! Here is Roberta and I have a lot of travel tips and inspiration to share


I wrote information to guide your trip planning to Bonito. After all, Brazil’s most organized ecotourism destination requires advance booking and a certain investment of time and money. I already mentioned how boring some care is, but they are necessary for the preservation and responsible for giving international visibility to the destination.

View in São Paulo, lookouts SÃO PAULO

Seeing the skyline in a city of over 12 million people do not seem like an easy task. But I guarantee amazing scenarios and much greener than you might have imagined when thinking of the view in São Paulo.

Pantanal BRAZIL

Pantanal is the national place to closely observe birds, cats, mammals, fish, and reptiles. The largest wetland on the planet is the natural habitat of several local species besides migratory species; It is located in Brazil and has over 80% of native vegetation. I spent a day at San Francisco Farm for a photo safari, bird watching and a cottage trip.

A jeep ride through the rainforest, in the National Park of Serra da Bocaina, is a great option if you do not have your own car in Paraty. You can spend a whole day in waterfalls, stills and forests. After being on a high from tasting cachaças and liqueurs, a swim in cold waters and another still and more waterfalls. Pure adrenalin!

Heat, thirst and landscapes like I have seen nowhere else: this is how the first trail in the red Australian desert started. The goal of the day was to bathe in the river in Kings Canyon and see the lost city from above.


Punta del Este has one of the hottest New Year’s Eve in South America, second only to Rio de Janeiro. I tell you what it was like to spend the turn in Punta del Este and what are the parties scheduled for this year


In Barbados I saw the most beautiful sea color water I have ever seen in my life. The entire island is made by corals and this side of the island the Atlantic ocean is influenced by the Caribbean sea. I think this should be the explanation for such vibrant shade of cyan almost phosphorescent. I could spend days in this place only appreciating the view.


In ten days around Kenya I visited three national parks and a marine park, besides the famous Diani Beach and Nairobi. I made the video below to give you some ideas.


Travelling to the 2005 Luanda was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. In that time, it was the world’s second worst capital regarding quality of life, losing to the capital of Iraq… a reflex of a country which had just gone out of a civil war that lasted 25 years!


Sunday morning was an adventure at SOUKS (Central Market) and at PLACE DJEMAA EL-FNA, like in the adventure movies set in Morocco, narrow streets where people, horses, motorbikes, bikes and horse carts go by. You can buy whatever you want, from human teeth to chameleons. I felt like in a movie, all I needed was to be kidnapped and rescued by an American hero.


My trips to Italy have always been like a lightning round, but this time I was able to stay for five days. It was great because I could get to know more than PIAZZA DUOMO.


A visual brief from the cultural immersion in Milano, Veneto and Emilia Romagna in autumn. We visit fifteen cities, we made new friends, we did discoveries and we ate too much italian food. Watch the video to preview the content will come next.


A two-hour train ride from Barcelona, the main attraction is the DALI MUSEUM, Salvador Dali’s hometown. I just loved it! I already liked him, now I appreciate his work even more. I saw creative, unexpected and interactive piece of art. Few things had explanation; he was so out of this world that it could not be explained, you just felt it.


Today it’s raining in Dubai for the first time in the year and the feeling is the same as when it snows in Buenos Aires: people taking pictures, walking in the rain without umbrellas, etc. It’s awesome!


I have already seen lots of kangaroos while visiting wild life parks in Australia. But no one offer the interactive experience as Cavershawn Wild Life Park, near Perth. Those typical animals seems puppis that love our caress. This mom was carrying a big and curious whelp.


I spent 30 days visiting 19 places in 4 Australian states. I bought my ticket to Sydney and had 5 months to plan it all. First I had to decide what I would like to see, there are so many options that I had a hard time narrowing it down. My brother lives in Perth (5.000 km away from Sydney), so I decided that would be my last stop. Then I researched what I would visit on the way.

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