The capital of Espírito Santo was the destination, and as I also wanted to enjoy the beaches, I ended up in the neighbour city Vila Velha – in Costa Beach, to be more specific. It is considered the best one by friends and travel blogs.

My hometown, Pelotas, is very proud of its history and preserves the heritage by transforming it into tourist and cultural attractions. In March I had the chance to see a little of this history from a new angle, a pleasant boat ride on Arroio Pelotas.

Seven years ago I finished the preparations for the journey that would inspire the creation of this website. The main goal was visit Macchu Picchu, the Inca’s city that instigates even the less curious person. How did they carry all those rocks and do such perfects constructions on that altitude? There are answers for all faiths, although what really matters is to be there and fell the energy.

Savannah was the capital of Georgia for many years and has a lot to tell. Almost 300 years old, it is considered one of the largest historic districts of the US with several mansions, churches and centennial public buildings.

Among all the historical places in the USA, this is undoubtedly one of the most important. This small village was founded over three hundred years ago, and has now become the main tourist destination in Texas. More than 26 million people visit San Antonio every year, and it is easy to see that when you go for a walk at the main city spots which are always crowded.

After more than three hours in a bus from Beijing, we finally made it to the part of the Great Wall known as Jinshanling – accounted as one of the most beautiful parts. To be there, face to face with one of humankind’s greatest creations is priceless. Since you’re kid you must have heard about the Great Wall, movies have shown her, even cartoons, and, even though it can’t be seen from space, its engineering and ambition climb steep mountains and slopes, presenting herself in a good shape even after thousands of years under nature’s actions and other sort of weather influences.

Mariana was the most important city in the Gold Cycle – founded in 1696, is full of slopes and houses from the Colonial Period. It is part of the sightseeing tour like Circuito do Ouro, Circuito da Estrada Real and Trilha dos Inconfidentes. You can see it all in half a day.

Ruins next to Cusco, in the villages of PISAQ, OLLANTAYTAMBO and CHINCHERO. It is amusing how everything is related and sacred, and how they see triangles in everything.

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