Agustin Cáceres


Curaçao was my first trip to the Caribbean. I was expecting to get into a small island, tropical, full of palm tree, several beaches… then I faced a huge oil refinery in an island with desertic vegetation!

Today it’s raining in Dubai for the first time in the year and the feeling is the same as when it snows in Buenos Aires: people taking pictures, walking in the rain without umbrellas, etc. It’s awesome!

Living here in the metropolitan area of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, I am already used to pass through cargo vessels, gigantic cruiseships, and an infinity of boats, ships, yachts, and so many different embarkments that nothing attracts much my attention. It was not the case this time boating with friends at Port Everglades area last Saturday. We faced the fantastic yatch M/Y “A”.

Savannah was the capital of Georgia for many years and has a lot to tell. Almost 300 years old, it is considered one of the largest historic districts of the US with several mansions, churches and centennial public buildings.

Among all the historical places in the USA, this is undoubtedly one of the most important. This small village was founded over three hundred years ago, and has now become the main tourist destination in Texas. More than 26 million people visit San Antonio every year, and it is easy to see that when you go for a walk at the main city spots which are always crowded.

Sarasota is a beautiful tourist destination with great beaches and leisure options. However, as in every American city, you do nothing without a car and I was tired of driving and parking. So, I decided to take a bus or taxi – which did not work out well. In the US if you do not know the schedule of the buses, it means you will spend the whole day in desert bus terminals in the middle of nowhere, waiting for something to happen.

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