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If you do not live on the coast, you immediately visualize parties and beaches when you think about tourism in Rio de Janeiro, right? At least that is the first thing that comes to my mind; thank God for my traveler’s curiosity and the Travelers Meetings.

Wandering around the streets in the Historical Center of Paraty means you will surely find good restaurants with a colonial vibe. And so I did every day, I would go for a walk and stop somewhere that grabbed my attention. On the main avenue there are lots of more affordable restaurants, but I ended up being caught up by the vibe in the cobblestone streets with dimmed lights.

This week I visited Colônia de Sacramento, a frontier port city that invites us to go walk on its streets paying attention to details. Mainly on historical zone with it’s ruins, alleys, colonial houses and great taste from the current dwellers.

About one-hour flight away from Mexico City, Aguascalientes, capital of the smallest state in the country has much more than what the name suggests. The origin dates back almost 500 years ago with the discovery of hot springs and reserves of gold and silver. If nowadays the hot springs are no longer a tourist attraction, the city still counts on its architecture, its people with sweet accent and the typical food, some of the main things that travelers look for. Another attraction is Feria de San Marcos, the largest agro-industrial and folklore fair in Mexico.

Savannah was the capital of Georgia for many years and has a lot to tell. Almost 300 years old, it is considered one of the largest historic districts of the US with several mansions, churches and centennial public buildings.

Among all the historical places in the USA, this is undoubtedly one of the most important. This small village was founded over three hundred years ago, and has now become the main tourist destination in Texas. More than 26 million people visit San Antonio every year, and it is easy to see that when you go for a walk at the main city spots which are always crowded.

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