Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is another place to have a good time at great hotels and restaurants – the tourists feel much welcome and there are lots of duty-free shops in the main street. The best thing is to have a little adventure in between.

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In the end of the world
In the end of the world

There is plenty to do and 3 days was so little time. I chose to spend a day at TIERRA DEL FUEGO NATIONAL PARK, a whole morning at PINGUINERA (colony of Magellanic penguins on Martillo Island) and then do some shopping. I also wanted to sail around Cape Horn and other islands with animals and go skiing – people say the snow has reached 1,5m. There are a few museums and the End of the World Train tour, but I thought the other options were more interesting.

Store with penguins
Store with penguins
King Crab
King Crab

I tried the local delights and unlike other times I did not eat meat, because fish is the best option here. The highlight was the trout and the centolla – king crab, alive displayed in most restaurants.

Dinner at Tante Nina
Dinner at Tante Nina


Remember to go to OFICINA DE TURISMO (Tourist Information Center) to get your passport stamped, it is the evidence that you have been to the end of the world. People say that if you ask they give you a certificate, but I only knew that after. I found two Tourist Information Centers; the one by the beach has one extra type of stamp. Get some brochures and a city map.

Dinner at Tante Nina

Restaurants: BAR IDEAL – Irish pub with great food and friendly owner. I tried the king crab soup and the typical gayi hake.

TANTE NINA – so good that I went there twice, to have lunch and dinner. It overlooks the sea and the luxurious ships that are anchored. I had the famous centolla ao natural (king crab) and the wonderful trucha almedrada (trout with almonds) from the cold waters of Ushuaia. All meals with a good Argentinean wine, always.

LOLA – nice place, overlooking the city. The seafood salad and the salmon were delicious.

Where to stay: HOTEL VILLA BRESCIA – the most comfortable, centrally located and with delicious breakfast.
There are STORES with excellent prices on sports and camping equipment, clothes and brand sneakers (Timberland, Columbia, Salomon). Unfortunately, it was the end of the trip and I had neither money nor a plan to use new equipment.

Translated by Lúcia Maciel English teacher

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