People say that the secret of the famous moqueca and pie from Espírito Santo lies in the pot they are cooked in – the one made of clay by the Pot Makers of Goiabeiras: an original handicraft recognized and registered as Brazilian Cultural Heritage.

The biggest tourist destination in Gold Coast is completely different from what I expected. This was the last stop I planned for my backpacking in Australia, and time ended up being short for previous research. Known for its beautiful beaches and surf, I believed it would be perfect to relax, after busy days in Sydney.

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is another place to have a good time at great hotels and restaurants – the tourists feel much welcome and there are lots of duty-free shops in the main street. The best thing is to have a little adventure in between.

Sunday morning was an adventure at SOUKS (Central Market) and at PLACE DJEMAA EL-FNA, like in the adventure movies set in Morocco, narrow streets where people, horses, motorbikes, bikes and horse carts go by. You can buy whatever you want, from human teeth to chameleons. I felt like in a movie, all I needed was to be kidnapped and rescued by an American hero.

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