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Back to sharpening your senses, it is now time to talk about taste. I share with you my latest gastronomic findings in Buenos Aires.

The New Brighton
The New Brighton
Martins Wine
Martins Wine

The New Brighton

A delicious discovery across the hotel we were in. First it grabbed our attention for its beauty and traditional British style; second for the impeccable service and complete wine cellar; and finally for the big portions and tasty dishes.

The house which used to be an English tie shop (19th century), reopened a few years ago as a restaurant, keeping details of the original decoration and the same traditional style. We had lunch on a quiet Saturday, but during the week it seemed to be a place for businessmen – many of them going in and out wearing a tie, even at night. That day we tried the seafood. We ordered dishes that cost between $ 78 and $ 105 per person. Here I discovered and approved the family wine Malbec – Bodega Martins.

All orders were approved, thumbs up for the Trucha.

Address: 645 Sarmiento St., Downtown. Website.

El Potrillo

We intended to go to the famous Las Lilas, which my parents love, but the queue was long and we found another great parrilla. There I ate one of the best lomos of my life; I did not even have to chew – Mariposa steak. Everything is good here, a place to sit and eat meat for hours. It costs about $ 100 per person, including drinks and dessert.

El Potrillo Parrilla
El Potrillo Parrilla

Achuras Tray – chinchulines, mollejas, riñones

Papa al Plomo al Roquefort


Colita de Quadril

Mariposa Steak

Chorizo Steak

Alamo Malbec wine

Address: 580 Alicia Moreau de Justo St., Puerto Madero. Website.


A traditional Italian cantina with several areas and a variety of pasta and sauces, including recipes with seafood. It is great to renew the energies after hiking. It costs about $ 70 per person with water or pomelo (a typical soda in Uruguay and Argentina, tastes like grapefruit), no dessert.

Address: 776 Esmeralda St., Downtown. Website.

Take Note

Attention to the alfajores (cookie sandwich filled with fudge) with no chocolate topping you can buy in bulk at the bakeries. They are divine and less heavy on the stomach. Have some Freddo icecream and facturas (sweets with dough and filling) in any coffee house. Only one person must pay the bill, they hate clients who ask to pay for their share; they actually argue with you and treat you badly. If you do not like rare meat, order the fish. They do not prepare well-done meat, only medium. If you ask for rare, it comes mooeing!

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