Traveling by train in France is more expensive than in other countries, that is why we chose to do it by car. This way, we had the chance to see the roads, pass by cities and towns, take pictures from inside the car and have freedom to come and go as we pleased.

Paris is the most expensive and touristic city I have ever known. Full of Brazilians and people from all over the world. I spent 6 days there and enjoyed it to the fullest, but it was not enough to know everything I wanted.

I had seen pictures and was delighted with the place. I thought it was amazing, I love mountains – it is more charming when there is snow. I went to Chamonix – Mont-Blanc, Chamrousse and Grenoble.

Loire Valley (Valée de La Loire) deserves a ride, because it is a bit far away and has many castles. It is also possible to join excursions that leave from Tours. We decided to go by car, and as we got away from Paris, we found fields and trees covered in snow, everything white and a cloudy sky, contrasting with the gray road and leafless trees.

Amboise is a city of about 11 thousand residents, inhabited since the first century BC in Val de Loire. Today it is famous for its royal castles and many personalities, including its most distinguished resident, Leonardo Da Vinci.

It was the first opening weekend of the ski slopes in the winter of 2007 in Chamrousse, alpine town in France southeastern. We were with friends at a local mountain when this peculiar scene surprised us. It seems this is how people take their dogs for walks in the Alps…

La Defense, the modern district of Paris. I’ve been there in 2009 and I was delighted with the contrast… the classic and romantic Paris from one side and the business one from the other and so close. The name is a tribute to the soldiers who fought for France in World War II. Today we would think that this name also could be to defend the money, because La Defense is the biggest financial center from Europe.

Go up on Eiffel Tower early in the morning is the best hour to avoid lines. Besides see the horizon, you should look at downward and watch the parisian’s routine at Champ de Mars. Choose a sunny day and get ready for the cold weather, if you go in the winter like me.

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