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The most expensive and touristic city I have ever known. Full of Brazilians and people from all over the world. I spent 6 days there and enjoyed it to the fullest, but it was not enough to know everything I wanted.

Ilê de Saint-Louis
Ilê de Saint-Louis
Eiffel tower all lit
Eiffel tower all lit

The best of Paris (at least on the winter) is walking on the streets and visiting museums. Get ready to stand in lines and try to arrive early, or buy the PARIS MUSEUM PASS. I myself prefer the modern art from MAISON DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE or POMPIDOU, but all of them are worth a visit. Besides the collections, there is the whole architecture, the furniture, the decoration and the French capital you can see from the windows – another work of art. From the last floor of Pompidou you can see the city, it is beautiful at night with the EIFFEL TOWER and SACRE COUER all lit. These two are a must-see, and they have the greatest views of the city.

I loved walking in MONTMARTRE, QUARTIER LATIN (very cheap food), MARAIS and ILE DE SAINT-LOUIS. All of them have bars, stores, artists and cool people. While walking I passed by several touristic points, but I will need many travels to know everything that seemed interesting.




Eat crêpe with Nutella and banana on the street, have breakfast at a bakery of at a food stand in the subway. Buy yummy cheese, wine and bread at the supermarket and save a lot of money.


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