Traveling by train in France is more expensive than in other countries, that is why we chose to do it by car. This way, we had the chance to see the roads, pass by cities and towns, take pictures from inside the car and have the freedom to come and go as we pleased.

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Loire Valley
Loire Valley

Driving across France

There are always two possibilities: the highway (you arrive faster at 130km/h, but the toll collection is by kilometer) and the national roads (with beautiful landscapes, no toll collection and with controlled speed). We traveled on both, depending on the destiny and the time we had.

The Alps
The Alps

We spent less than we expected on gas, toll and parking. There is a website that calculates the expenses: Mappy, which I used to define the route and the amount of money I would need. Google maps also proved to be very useful; there you can see updated pictures of crossroads and freeways. It was 1900km in one week including Paris, Loire Valley, Lorraine, Alsacia and The Alps.

Switzerland freeways
Switzerland freeways

The only bad moment was the traffic jam in the Swiss freeways, we thought it would be quicker, but we ended up wasting three hours. This was due to holiday season, which means a lot of people and a great number of vehicles on the roads. Almost every car was loaded with ski equipment, we were all heading to the same direction. The freeway on this side of Switzerland is breathtaking, and you can see villages and huge mountain chains covered with snow. All signs near Alsacia were in German, while in The Alps they were in French and, moving to the south some say it is all in Italian. In these freeways, you must pay one single toll fee, which is €30 for the current year.

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