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I had seen pictures and was delighted with the place. I thought it was amazing, I love mountains – it is more charming when there is snow. I went to Chamonix – Mont-Blanc, Chamrousse and Grenoble.

Streets lit up in Chamonix
Streets lit up in Chamonix


Small tourist city at the foot of MONT-BLANC, the highest mountain in Europe. It is beautiful, with its typical houses and huge white mountains you can see everywhere. There are excellent hotels, ski resorts and AIGUILLE DU MIDI, where a cable car takes you 4.000 meters high. Unfortunately, I arrived late due to a traffic jam in Switzerland, I did not have time to go up. It was worthwhile going for a walk in the city and getting warm in a pub, though. The snowy streets were crowded, people wearing ski clothing and equipment.

High season in Chamonix
High season in Chamonix
Ski resort full of kids
Ski resort full of kids


Close to Grenoble, with a ski resort suitable for beginners. Skiing was nice, but I only did it right in the end. I was nervous and fell down a lot; there was no time to be cold. It snowed heavily all the time, and sometimes all I saw was a blur – the goggles became fogged up from my breathing. I was wearing regular goggles, the ones with an elastic band are better. Most people passed by me in a flash, even the children – they skied so easily.


University city in a valley surrounded by high mountains, all covered in snow. It is beautiful, mixing old and new buildings; it has a large green area and was all lit up for Christmas. As it was holiday season there were few people in town, and few places open. We went to a restaurant to eat pork sausage – I love this kind of food.

We walked on the street fair; I saw local food and people, lots of cheese and nuts. At night we had Raclette with peppers, duck meat, mushrooms and ham – delicious! Especially because the French dinner was with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Grenoble seen from the Bastille
Grenoble seen from the Bastille

I went to BASTILLE, a fortress on top of a mountain. You can get there by cable car, car or on foot. I saw people going up by bike, which seemed a nice exercise. It is beautiful up there; you can see the whole city. The place is also famous for the frat barbecues, which must be really nice with the view.



In Chamrousse there are several stores where you can buy or rent ski equipment. It costs €11 for beginners and €27 for experienced skiers – according to the track.


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