The first destination for visitors to El Chaltén, Perito Moreno, Torres del Paine and many other attractions at Parque Nacional de Los Glaciares – due to the airport and good structure to welcome tourists. El Calafate is cozy but with lots of adventure, the weather is warm during the day and very cold at night. It is a great place to eat parrillas, empanadas, sweets and ice cream.

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Calafate, the fruit
Calafate, the fruit

El Calafate is named after a typical fruit, found in some places. I picked and tried it right from the tree – it is tasty and has a lot of seeds – I prefer jam or ice cream made of calafate.

The main avenue
The main avenue

During the 18 days in Patagonia, we went back to the same inn 3 times, where we left our main luggage to avoid carrying extra weight on the trails. We spent some time walking down the main avenue, going to stores, eating and resting.

Laguna Nimez
Laguna Nimez

We had a free afternoon and some people decided to go on a jeep ride, which sounded really cool. I chose to walk on the streets and go to Lagoa Nimez and Lago Argentino – you can rent bikes, motorbikes and horses or do it all on foot.

Horseback riding at Lago Argentino
Horseback riding at Lago Argentino


About the tours, look for the local travel agencies and check the options, we had already organized ours with Ecocaminhantes.

On AVENIDA DEL LIBERTADOR GRAL. SAN MARTIN you find photo stores, currency exchange, restaurants and travel agencies.

Restaurants – More than once I went to DON PICHÓN to have the famous Cordero Patagonico for dinner, with a great view of the city and lake.

On 9 DE JULIO street you can eat delicious empanadas, next to an ice cream store (try the calafate and local fruit mix); across the street a wonderful panaderia (bakery) and a buffet restaurant with great meat on the next block.
MI VIEJO is on the main street – more parrilla!

Go to the supermarket and get things to prepare you trail snack.

Where to stay – Where to stay – HOSTERIA HAINEN, we got a cozy room with lots of books and rustic décor. I used the internet on my cell phone, there was only one computer in the reception. Take a 35l backpack, a large one and a bag with padlock to leave the extra weight at the inn.


Some green hikers in uniform
Some green hikers in uniform


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