Tatiana Gappmayer

A journalist, cinephile in love with maps and architecture books and backpacker

I went to Piriápolis in Uruguay because of the whisky. Not the drink, but the movie directed by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll released in 2004. Part of the plot takes place here, in this beach between Punta Del Este and Montevidéo: the story of Jacobo´s lonely life and the troubled relationship with his brother Herman and his employee Marta, to whom he makes an unexpected proposal during the visit of a relative from Brazil. This mix of isolation, beauty and the possibility of knowing some film locations made Piriápolis the perfect getaway on Carnival.

The view of 18 de Julio Street in Montevideo, with Salvo Palace as background. The Salvo was designed by the Italian architect Maria Palanti and opened in 1928. The same architect also projected a brother – building in Buenos Aires – the Barolo Palace, in Mayo Avenue, which is very similar to the Salvo Palace.

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