Advertising, photographer and travel writer who likes to absorb the daily culture of all places around the world. She loves meeting people, be inspired, encourage and exchange experiences on travel. Always looking for new destinations, her personal goal is to visit as many places as possible.

Creator of this blog, which began planning a vacation in Peru, she discovered so many cool things and so many people willing to exchange information on the Internet that she decided to do the same writing about what she was discovering and living. And she got surprised to discover the pleasure of sharing the travels and get the reader’s feedback.

Countries visited: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, England, France, Guyana, Holland, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, Peru, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Swiss, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Next trip: Florianópolis and Rosa Beach

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  1. Astrid Gramss Reply

    I´m sorry that I didn´t write you earlier but I was still travelling. We were together on the Rocktour in Australia and I would like to get the fotos. How are you? Are you back in Brasil now or still travelling?


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