Seeing the skyline in a city of over 12 million people do not seem like an easy task. But I guarantee amazing scenarios and much greener than you might have imagined when thinking of the view in São Paulo.

Whoever follows me knows I love trails, but since I came to São Paulo (5 years ago) I could not find people who enjoyed the pleasure of walking kilometres in the middle of the nature. One fine day I found a forum on the web, people looking for someone to go on adventures. Just perfect, we have already done some trails and started Nação Trilheira.

That is the face of Brazil in the last days. The expression has started in São Paulo and spread to all country charging the government less corruption and the real attention to basic needs of the people. It started with violence then became pacific in some cities and now the violence is back because of the actions from vandals and opportunistic

The image from this week is a tribute to the city I chose to live since 2008. São Paulo is loved and hated at the same time from its residents. But anyone who spends a season there can’t stay away for longer. The Latin America’s biggest city is celebrating today 459 years old.

Paulista Avenue is the meeting point of several tribes that becomes different in the end of the year. Besides the usual people, many families comes to see Christmas decoration. The 2,8 km famous street in São Paulo get crowded at night when the lights turn on.

The picture of today is in mood for Christmas and leaves a message for everyone try to see the world in a different way. Pay attention to details, discover the new and let your imagination take you.

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