While I descended the Apennines, towards to Bologna, the sun appeared between the heavy clouds and gave a special colour to landscape. We left the car to enjoy the rest of the day in Parco dei Sassi di Roccamalatina. So I climbed this mountain to reach that cross and see the whole valley from above. It was perfect to finish the tour around Emilia Romagna’s mountains.

On last may, I traveled with a friend from Iran to India through some countries as Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan… The whole trip was overland using the transportation we were able to find on the way. It was amazing! This image was at Darvaza Gas Crater a gas burning for many years in a crater. By night it creates a special moment for photography by leaving the surrounding reddish.

An unforgettable moment of Mount Roraima trekking was this landscape at base camping. Between Mount Roraima and Kukenán (the background mountain) there is humid forest. From the forest grows a cloud that cover the sky when the night comes. For some minutes the cloud was following the same golden line on the horizon. We all hope that could be a great sunset, but in seconds the cloud covered the sun and brought a storm.

Remembering one of the magical moments of Torres del Paine… I woke up with the early morning lighting my refugio’s room. I was half asleep and lazy to get up when I looked through window and realized that the sky was clean enough to see the Towers. The sun had not rise yet, but those shades of pink and red was a signal of good pictures. I took my camera, my jacket and run out without even washing my face. I almost freeze but the spectacle worth it.

The history of the park with the world biggest concentration of geysers (those hot water flooding from the earth) began more than 11 thousand years ago. From that time to the very recent past, the Park was used by Native Americans for living, hunting and as route for transportation.

Among the most beautiful landscapes I have ever meet, the mountains between Cusco and Machu Picchu are on my top list. Places like this picture only who walk miles away with altitude ranging from 2 to 4.6 meters high can appreciate. In the up’s and downs It took my breath away for 2 reasons: beauty and the air missing.

Six years ago I traveled to Morrocco and to this day whenever I smell cumin I remember this place. It is the smell of the country that sells many spices in the streets, a place with an aromatic cuisine and a culture completely different from mine.

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