Maybe I found the smallest beach in the world in Cadaques, Spain. The clear iced waters from the mediterranean at Cap de Creus National Park provide beautiful landscapes. As known by Salvador Dali and the queen Isabel. The painter was born in the region and the majesty had spent her vacations on a beach house dated from 1853.

On last may, I traveled with a friend from Iran to India through some countries as Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan… The whole trip was overland using the transportation we were able to find on the way. It was amazing! This image was at Darvaza Gas Crater a gas burning for many years in a crater. By night it creates a special moment for photography by leaving the surrounding reddish.

I have already seen lots of kangaroos while visiting wild life parks in Australia. But no one offer the interactive experience as Cavershawn Wild Life Park, near Perth. Those typical animals seems puppis that love our caress. This mom was carrying a big and curious whelp.

There are many options to spend New Year’s Eve: New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro… all very interesting, but I will tell you a little about the New Year’s Eve I spent in Aconcagua.

This picture was taken to celebrate the end of CMC’s course, which happened in Serra Geral National Park and Aparados da Serra National Park. It was unforgettable because the fog only took 20 minutes, started around 6 AM in Canyon Malacara and then the weather got cloudy the rest of the day.

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