A visual brief from the cultural immersion in Milano, Veneto and Emilia Romagna in autumn. We visit fifteen cities, we made new friends, we did discoveries and we ate too much italian food. Watch the video to preview the content will come next.

While I descended the Apennines, towards to Bologna, the sun appeared between the heavy clouds and gave a special colour to landscape. We left the car to enjoy the rest of the day in Parco dei Sassi di Roccamalatina. So I climbed this mountain to reach that cross and see the whole valley from above. It was perfect to finish the tour around Emilia Romagna’s mountains.

Being thristy at Rome ended with a surprising view: appreciating the Coliseum through a street vendor sight. Looking at this world heritage from this perspective was such a priviliege as well as watching part of the daily routine of someone who spent his days among so much beauty and history.

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