On a lazy Sunday, I was invited to go to a Buddhist temple and enjoy a vegetarian lunch. After a few hours lost in São Paulo, we arrived in Cotia, in the ZU LAI TEMPLE. The 30 km should be fast, but getting out of this metropolis is no easy task.

About one-hour flight away from Mexico City, Aguascalientes, capital of the smallest state in the country has much more than what the name suggests. The origin dates back almost 500 years ago with the discovery of hot springs and reserves of gold and silver. If nowadays the hot springs are no longer a tourist attraction, the city still counts on its architecture, its people with sweet accent and the typical food, some of the main things that travelers look for. Another attraction is Feria de San Marcos, the largest agro-industrial and folklore fair in Mexico.

The view of 18 de Julio Street in Montevideo, with Salvo Palace as background. The Salvo was designed by the Italian architect Maria Palanti and opened in 1928. The same architect also projected a brother – building in Buenos Aires – the Barolo Palace, in Mayo Avenue, which is very similar to the Salvo Palace.

Xangai, close to Hong Kong, is the most occidental and commercial city in China, being the main port of the country. High and night illuminated buildings are a characteristic from the local architecture. To support the energy demand on city, the electricity comes from the rural regions to the urban centers, say some Chinese. Besides most Chinese don’t speak English, calls attention their sympathy and we can communicate with them through gestures or basic words such as food, beer e best price.

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