Whoever goes to Foz do Iguaçu has the opportunity to visit 3 countries in one day or in three – like I did. When the rivers Iguaçu and Paraná meet it is possible to see the Brazilian, Argentinean and Paraguayan flags, each one in its own country. My main reason for going there was to see the waterfalls and the nature. As we had little time, we chose for a package tour. We set off at Parque Das Aves – really interesting, you can get inside the huge cages, close enough to the animals. And, with (good or bad) luck, they can land on your arms. Most pictures I took from inside the cages.

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You get very close to them
You get very close to them

The best tour was Macuco Safári, on a inflatable boat and went down to the waterfalls on the Brazilian side. It was scary watching that amount of water and the boat getting closer really fast, it looked like enormous swirls. Pretty soon we reached intense humidity, that left everything wet, like a thick fog. We got literally soaking wet as the boat dove into one of the falls. It was filled with Japanese people, everyone screaming like crazy. The conductor did extreme maneuvers, a sudden turn and another wave would come right on us. It was so hot and the wind so furious, like a hair dryer, that I did not even need to change clothes, by the end of the tour I was already dry.

We kept our pace to reach the Cataratas and see everything from the top. Even though the river level was 7 meters below normal, there was a lot of water. Tourists are everywhere, but you should take this tour.

Macuco Safári
Macuco Safári

In the evening we visited ITAIPU, the biggest power station in the world. A bit dull, it was dark and then the lights came on. The engineers in the group were delighted.

The waterfalls from the Brazilian side
The waterfalls from the Brazilian side

Take Note

Harbor Agency – transfer from the bus station and tours. We hired the service on the internet and everything went well.

Night life – Capitão, downtown, tables outside, Mexican food and whenever someone asked for a drink, waiters dressed up like Mexicans came out carrying drums and several instruments. One had the drink and flaming glasses. Everybody stopped to watch this someone with a funnel in his/her mouth and the waiter pouring down the beverage and the fire.

Restaurant – Mega Pizza – “all you can eat” pizza, fried chicken, french fries and ice-cream. I get sick only to think about it. Very good.

Where to stay – Foz Presidente Hotel, good, modest and cheap. In the city center. On other opportunities I stayed twice at Bella Italia Hotel and I liked very much.

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Translated by Lúcia Maciel
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