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Whoever follows me knows I love trails, but since I came to São Paulo (5 years ago) I could not find people who enjoyed the pleasure of walking kilometres in the middle of the nature. One fine day I found a forum on the web, people looking for someone to go on adventures. Just perfect, we have already done some trails and started Nação Trilheira.

In southern Brazil, on the border with Uruguay, there is the largest lagoon in the country. A water mirror of over 2.000 km2, surrounded by wetlands and reeds, designated a world freshwater reservoir by Unesco; a place for those who like peace and quiet, fresh air, nature and sports.

When we talk about Iguassu Falls, it is not possible to know it all in one weekend: one half is in Brazil and the other half is in Argentina, each one run by different companies and with different attractions. Both deserve a visit for being completely different. One day on each side is enough to know the basic, four days is perfect for a complete experience in the two countries.

I guess I was in withdrawal symptoms when I took this picture. It was my fourth day free from internet when I remembered Twitter looking at this rock’s bird format. At that time I really wanted to tweet and then I forgot. Probably it was the positive effect of 7 days offline. Anyway it is certain that rock’s formats from Roraima Mount incite our imagination since the first explorers.

Something curious about Zagreb is that there only few places where you can have something to eat and drink in the same place, like in Brazilian bakeries. Here you always find small bakeries – PEKARNICA (pecárnitza) – where you can buy pastries, sandwiches or something sweet. Next door there will certainly be a café where you can sit and order coffee.

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