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Maybe I found the smallest beach in the world in Cadaques, Spain. The clear iced waters from the mediterranean at Cap de Creus National Park provide beautiful landscapes. As known by Salvador Dali and the queen Isabel. The painter was born in the region and the majesty had spent her vacations on a beach house dated from 1853.

Near to Barcelona there is a place with Roman Empire ruins. The picture shows an ancient amphitheater with the blue ocean behind. Today it is a museum for roman sculptures, which gives the impression of come back in time or like be in a movie scenery.

A two-hour train ride from Barcelona, the main attraction is the DALI MUSEUM, Salvador Dali’s hometown. I just loved it! I already liked him, now I appreciate his work even more. I saw creative, unexpected and interactive piece of art. Few things had explanation; he was so out of this world that it could not be explained, you just felt it.

I took the one-day tour to Tarragona. The CATHEDRAL is located on the highest point and has a beautiful view of the city. A few museums like CIRQUE and I just loved ANFITEATRO, but all the rest was marked as a copy of the original. I was fooled, I thought everything was the real thing! But ok, the city has nice beaches and the view with the ruins is just amazing, people say it is quite trendy in the summer.

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