Curaçao was my first trip to the Caribbean. I was expecting to get into a small island, tropical, full of palm tree, several beaches… then I faced a huge oil refinery in an island with desertic vegetation!

One of the most beautiful tours in this historical city is a schooner ride on Paraty Bay. Turtles, colored fish, exuberating green areas, warm and clear water are part of the package. Some say the water temperature is usually colder, but for me it was perfect. We took the opportunity to take many pictures and go scuba diving.

Rottnest Island is a paradise in the middle of Western Australia, you cannot miss it when in Perth. And the best way to know it is to ride your bike along the 24 km of asphalted roads, besides the sandy inner roads to get to the hidden beaches. For the not so sporty ones, there a bus line all day, after all, cars are not allowed in the island.

There is not much infrastructure in Fernando de Noronha, everything is kind of rustic, but who cares about comfort when you are in a paradise-like beach? The island is rather small, and the city is crossed by a 7 km-road. Vegetation pretty dry most of the time, due to high temperatures and little rain.

I was already expecting paradise like beaches in Ilha Grande, and it all came true when I saw that emerald green sea, exquisite vegetation and pleasant temperature. The best is to go trekking heading for fantastic hidden beaches, or full of tourists who came by boat. This is not a big problem, for whoever comes by boat does not stay long and it will be a desert beach again.

Islands in Lake TITICACA (navigable lake with the highest altitude in the world, 3827m), made of totora reeds. Very old communities live there and use totora as food, house, boats and handicrafts. The funny thing is that when families have an argument, they draw an imaginary line on the island and each group stays on one half.

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