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La Havana’s Malecón is the place where city meets de sea. Around there people fish, bike, walk, play, sing or sit on the wall enjoying the scenery and the movement. It does not matter if it is day or night, it is always crowded. I was paying attention and shooting everything when I found this urban intervention of the Cuban flag-shaped puzzle being disassembled… or maybe was it being assembled? The interpretation belongs to each one. What does it mean for you?

Let yourself lose alone in the city streets is the best way to know a place. Mainly if it is in La Habana where the government don’t want tourists realize how it really is. You should walk without afraid and be an observer.

The Cayos Cochinos are a group of small islands that seem to be flooded. Cayo Largo del Sur is in the southeastern end of Cuba and comprises several islets, where you can have a boat tour and go diving. It is paradise! I had never seen such green water and thin white sand before. I went diving in a transparent salted sea with colorful fish, coral reef and a shipwreck – all this in pleasant temperature.

This was my first impression alone in Cuba, after I met my friends a lot changed; some things I could understand, while others still do not make sense. As some of my Cuban friends say “It is complicated! I will not explain it because you will not understand!”

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