Among the numerous attractions in Bonito, the waterfalls deserve special attention. Hidden in the woods, they fall into natural pools full of colourful fish. The crystal clear water flows around the stones, opening paths till the next fall.

Not a beach nor big, but it is a must-do to explore the real canyons. We left to enter the huge clefts on the most exuberant walls in Brazil, at Serra Geral and Aparados da Serra Parks.

This emerald watercolor gave me one of the best waterfall bath I already had. At first sight only color impress me but all experience were incredible: the strong flow, the water temperature, the underwater vegetation and find a cave under the waterfall with another shade of blue. All set made the experience complete. This is Cachoeira da Formiga, a hidden place in the middle of Jalapão.

Home of a unique fauna, breathtaking sceneries and full of waterfalls with crystal clear waters describe this area located over a huge quartz crystal plate, crossed by the 14th parallel – just like the legendary city of Machu Picchu. All these characteristics make Chapada dos Veadeiros a mystical place, full of energy and surrounded by mysteries.

A jeep ride through the rainforest, in the National Park of Serra da Bocaina, is a great option if you do not have your own car in Paraty. You can spend a whole day in waterfalls, stills and forests. After being on a high from tasting cachaças and liqueurs, a swim in cold waters and another still and more waterfalls. Pure adrenalin!

Rio Preto is among the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen in Brazil. This view was a gift after a long and hot trekking by Janela trail, in Chapada dos Veadeiros. I could see the path taken by the river until go down on Garimpão Waterfall and crashed on 120 meters Cliff.

A simple but charming place, with very rich biodiversity. The paths beneath your feet seem to have been built by landscape gardeners, and it is all done by the wind, water and fire. Millions of years ago it used to be an ocean, but today is the headwaters of many Brazilian rivers, especially in Amazonia.

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