New 7 Wonders of Nature


The largest and greenest state in Brazil has always been a dream and finally an opportunity came up in June. Amazonastur took advantage of Parintins Folklore Festival to organize a press trip with bloggers, and Territórios was on the guest list.

Among the novelties in Foz do Iguaçu, finding out an area that is becoming the hub of adventure sports and tourism was a good surprise. Besides offering several options for the tourists, it is the home of the Falls Half Marathon and important international championships, and will hold the X-Games for the next three years.

When we talk about Iguassu Falls, it is not possible to know it all in one weekend: one half is in Brazil and the other half is in Argentina, each one run by different companies and with different attractions. Both deserve a visit for being completely different. One day on each side is enough to know the basic, four days is perfect for a complete experience in the two countries.

Almost 2 hours in the northeast direction from Hanoi is located one of Vietnam’s greatest treasures. Halong Bay, recently chosen as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It’s not for less. More than 1,950 small islands are spread for more than 1,500 km² revealing limestone and karsts formations which contrast with the green of the vegetation and the sea. The ancient legend says that the gods, in an attempt to help the Vietnamese people against their enemies, sent a family of dragons which spat jewels in the sea which in the end became islands as a natural barrier against invaders from the sea.It’s simply incredible. Most of the time this region is under mist and rain but we were lucky and got open skies with no clouds allowed an amazing sunrise and sunset with colors only dictated by the skies.

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