This picture was taken to celebrate the end of CMC’s course, which happened in Serra Geral National Park and Aparados da Serra National Park. It was unforgettable because the fog only took 20 minutes, started around 6 AM in Canyon Malacara and then the weather got cloudy the rest of the day.

A simple but charming place, with very rich biodiversity. The paths beneath your feet seem to have been built by landscape gardeners, and it is all done by the wind, water and fire. Millions of years ago it used to be an ocean, but today is the headwaters of many Brazilian rivers, especially in Amazonia.

Four 4×4 Pickup Trucks from Marrakesh to the desert, crossing the Alto Atlas mountains, stopping at touristic points and passing by Berber village, an ancient civilization. We drove 1000 km in two days, through arid landscapes that changed colors and vegetation along the way. Some regions did not have any kind of plants, like in the canyons ­ 2700 m high ­ and the rocks made an incredible symmetric design.

We bought a tour package for Valle Del Colca, 150 km north of Arequipa. We spent 2 days with people from several nationalities. The goal was to visit the famous canyon, but everything else amazed me: the culture is so different from the rest of the country and the view is spectacular.

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