australian animals


I have already seen lots of kangaroos while visiting wild life parks in Australia. But no one offer the interactive experience as Cavershawn Wild Life Park, near Perth. Those typical animals seems puppis that love our caress. This mom was carrying a big and curious whelp.

For those who visit Sydney, a whole Day dedicated to the TARONGA ZOO is a must. It is a huge theme park, with a privileged view to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Besides being close to native Australian animals, you can walk in the areas for foreign animals. It is a pleasant, interesting and fun place. Some animals, like the chimpanzee babies, make us laugh or get emotional.

This weird lizard is very difficult to find. Called Thorny Devil because it’s appearance, it only hurts those who trample it. Its camouflage skin has the colors of the outback’s floor and vegetation. I had luck when I found it in the middle of nowhere while I was picking wood for the fire camp. There was an Australian who caught in her hands to show us how inoffensive it was.

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