Pantanal is the national place to closely observe birds, cats, mammals, fish, and reptiles. The largest wetland on the planet is the natural habitat of several local species besides migratory species; It is located in Brazil and has over 80% of native vegetation. I spent a day at San Francisco Farm for a photo safari, bird watching and a cottage trip.

Before arrive in Kenya I’d found a photo from giraffe’s silhouette against the sun at Pinterest. That image inspired me to search the same scenario then I asked Rafael (guide from Olare Mara Kempinski) to help me with this task. It was our Safari last day and no sign of giraffes in the evening… but on time Rafael said: look your giraffe! Everyone in the car became excited and started shooting but it was hidden between trees. Then Rafael moved the car to force the animal to change its position and it worked. Teamwork for the perfect shoot.

I have already seen lots of kangaroos while visiting wild life parks in Australia. But no one offer the interactive experience as Cavershawn Wild Life Park, near Perth. Those typical animals seems puppis that love our caress. This mom was carrying a big and curious whelp.

I have been to Vitória on the last holiday, but I didn’t know what to do until I got good tips from local taxi drivers. One of them took me to Fonte Grande Park, where I saw the city from its highest point. Upon a arrival welcome surprise: some white-faced marmosets were there. They were crazy for bananas offers by the tourists.

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