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Ajudou a planejar a próxima viagem


I love planning trips. I start enjoying myself before get to the place. But a plan is just a safety net, everything can change during the trip. Planning is meant to know what to do and save time and money. Besides, I can find people who have already been there for precious tips.

This way I can organize myself to visit the attractions that are closer from where I will be staying. I can also make everything fit into the budget by booking hotels and tickets in advance, which gives me some spare time – which is never enough.

The internet is my best friend. I always take a look on websites and blogs about traveling, I usually participate in online forums and visit the webpage from the place I am going to (region, country or city websites). Of course, if I find a nice print guide I buy it.

Realmente útil na viagem pelo Peru

After all this research, I put all the information I got in a text editor or I format pages into a small pocket book like a guide. I add some extra pages for note-taking, as well as some maps folded inside. So that is all! I have my personalized travel guide.

An important tip is to create a financial plan to organize the foreseen expenses.

At this moment I am very exciting planning my next trip. I am going to one of those places I really dreamed of since I was a teenager. I am leaving in the end of April, and you can follow @blogterritorios or the Facebook fan page to know more about my new adventures.


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