Worldwide traveller since he was just born. Agustín Tomás started his life being moved from Rosario, Argentina to Belo Horizonte, Brazil inside an airplane in the lap of her mother in 1977, passing through Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. A baby strayed from its origins, loose and without roots.

Raised in a family where Spanish, Portuguese, some Italian and some English where spoken, he has always been interested in learning foreign languages. That’s why he studied Italian, French, Chinese, Russian, and German at the same time during his adolescence. When he was 13, he used to have penpals all over the world, reaching over 1,000 letters from Italian children who wanted to become his friend because of an ad he put at a Topolino’s comics magazine.

Agustin works with international business and knows a good portion of the world territory. Most of time, traveling for work and leasure at the same time and some times travelling for studies too. He has never stopped travelling, perhaps because of this constant instatisfaction about being Latin American, because of his parents travelling background, because of his inmigrant origins, or just because of his Geminian curiosity. His chilhood and adolescence he spent travelling in family long distances through Brazil and Argentina, sometimes by car, bus, ferryboats, and airplanes.

So much travelling resulted in a giant quantity of pictures of people, places, and situations, where the most interesting will be shared in this website. Agustin was lucky to have the chance of travelling, photographing, and telling stories, besides distribuiting information and the products that commercializes worldwide.

And, please, remark! Everything that is registered in this website exists in real life. We are moving beings and everything is reachable. You just need to stand up and move. As the nomads say: “Home is the tomb of the living.”

Visited countries: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Curaçao, Cuba, United States, Angola, South Africa, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Engliand, and China.

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