I was in love with Tokyo and decided to stay there the 10 days my boyfriend and I had to stay in the land of the rising sun. My sister-in-law, born in the Japanese capital, advised us to spare a few days in Kyoto – the most beautiful city in Japan, according to her and some Japanese friends we have. The disappointment was evident when I told people I preferred Tokyo over Kyoto.

Traveling in Japan has an inner characteristic of non-western countries: one can lose patterns of culture and behavior. Globalization has leveled some differences some years ago, fine. Yet, the cultural shock is inevitable as soon as you arrive in the land of the rising sun.

After riding 4 km in Siem Reap’s flooded and dark streets during the night and some inconvenience when buying the tickets, finally, we reached Cambodia’s most precious attraction. Every year more than 2 million people come to this country and the majority of them don’t miss visiting the temples of Angkor Wat.

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