Among the most beautiful landscapes I have ever meet, the mountains between Cusco and Machu Picchu are on my top list. Places like this picture only who walk miles away with altitude ranging from 2 to 4.6 meters high can appreciate. In the up’s and downs It took my breath away for 2 reasons: beauty and the air missing.

After almost 3 days walking and no shower at all, we found a waterfall with hot volcanic water. Perfect to relax and renew our energies, we still had 2 days ahead of us. In the pic, the Peruvian guide who led the way, he does it every week.

Inca trail is One of the most amazing things I have ever done. I overcame my limits and experienced what had never crossed my mind. I was in excellent shape, a little afraid of getting sick because of the sudden changes of temperature, but everything was fine. I thought I would lose weight but I burned all the calories from the Peruvian food – which I just loved. The cook who took part in the trail with us was a very imaginative chef.

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