route 9


One of the most inhospitable places I have ever been to, Cabo Polonio sits on the tip of a moon-sliver shaped peninsula that extends into the Atlantic Ocean. The only access is by walking through the dunes or 4×4 vehicles. There is an important light house and a natural reserve of sea lions, the biggest in the world.

Whoever goes to Rocha – Uruguay, finds several options of leisure and accommodation – starting in CHUY, great for shopping spree in the freeshops and for those who like gambling. On the Brazilian side there is BARRA DO CHUI, a beach with rock formations and a lighthouse. Crossing the border, there is FORTE SAN MIGUEL with great architecture and a museum.

Located in a military area, Santa Teresa National Park is a fascinating place, designed with an aesthetic sense, keeping the ecological balance. It started in the surroundings of Santa Teresa Fortress, in 1762. After being abandoned and laid waste, there was a restoration in 1928, and has been taken care of by Uruguayan military men since then.

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