The famous circuit, which attracts adventurers from all over the world, consists of tracks that when plotted on a map, resemble the letter W. It was 76 km in four days – of all the trekking I have done in Patagonia, this one had the most beautiful view. You should pay attention to everything: flowers, lakes, rocks, mountains, ground and people who always run into you with a friendly ¡Hola! Most hikers are not young (aged between 30 and 60) and are able to carry the heavy backpack, besides walking for hours with a smile on their faces.

About 25 km, 5 different trails in 3 days in Urubici. If we had more time we would have done more, the city has 82 waterfalls and is investing on tourism. Lots of water, fresh air, plantations, hills, rocks, ups and downs. The group was great, fun people of different ages and professions sharing the passion for nature and hiking.

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