The capital of Espírito Santo was the destination, and as I also wanted to enjoy the beaches, I ended up in the neighbour city Vila Velha – in Costa Beach, to be more specific. It is considered the best one by friends and travel blogs.

Capixaba pie, fish pirão*, capixaba moqueca** and crab are some of the best experiences in Vitória; an island full of mangroves and famous for the best clay pot in Brazil could only be an excellent destination to eat seafood.

People say that the secret of the famous moqueca and pie from Espírito Santo lies in the pot they are cooked in – the one made of clay by the Pot Makers of Goiabeiras: an original handicraft recognized and registered as Brazilian Cultural Heritage.

I have been to Vitória on the last holiday, but I didn’t know what to do until I got good tips from local taxi drivers. One of them took me to Fonte Grande Park, where I saw the city from its highest point. Upon a arrival welcome surprise: some white-faced marmosets were there. They were crazy for bananas offers by the tourists.

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